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Prewedding di Singapore

The making of prewedding photographs in Indonesia has grown in the past 8 years which now have become a tradition as part of the pre-marriage journey. The growing demands of photographs have made many scenes in Indonesia too common nowadays. In addition to that, the vast development of hotels, villas, and villages have effected of what use to be great and unique places for a prewedding photo session.

So… why not step out of the box and take on a unique prewedding experience with us abroad. There are plenty of places and countries to choose from, such as : Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and destinations within Europe. Certainly there is a higher cost factor compared with a pre wedding session taken only in Indonesia, however the outcome of the images is without a doubt much more unique when taken abroad. The city scapes, ambiance, historical buildings, and landscapes are different and obviously not to be found in Indonesia.

Comparing to all of those destinations, Singapore is still first on the list for a prewedding photo session. With plenty of unique spots and places within Singapore, the cost compared with other destinations is surprisingly very affordable.

Prewedding photographs in Singapore

The process of making a photograph in Singapore with a well-prepared program can become cost friendly. With flights now offering plenty of low fare promotions, return transfer from Jakarta to Singapore can be as low as 800,000 Rupiah - equal to approximately USD 80. Accommodation and transport in Singapore can be a little expensive compared to other cities, however all of this can be booked through and planned with a travel agent to customise the trip and minimize cost as well.

We have partnered with several travel agents, photographers and make-up artists to deliver a quality service and pictures with an affordable price to make your dreams of owning a prewedding photograph in Singapore come true.

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